An art exhibition and collaborative installation
by Julia Bernstein, Brian Caraway, and Joshua Churchill

Addison Street Windows Gallery
2018 Addison Street (btw Shattuck and Milvia)
Berkeley, CA 94704

Exhibition: March 4th to April 24, 2006
Reactive sound and light components
are active between sundown and 1am.

"Inforestation," an exhibition of drawings, sound, light, and organic materials being shown at the Addison Street Windows Gallery, March 4th to April 24. This collaborative installation of new work by Julia Bernstein, Brian Caraway, and Joshua Churchill addresses the virus-like growth of urban environments. The artists conjure dreamlike memories and images of natural places lost, filling the space with drawings and sounds of forest flora and fauna. The opening reception is March 4 from 6 to 8 p.m. This event is open to the public, free, and wheelchair accessible. The exhibition is on view 24 hours a day, though the reactive sound and light components are only active between sundown and 1am.

The title of this installation, "Inforestation," is an environmentally charged pun, the opposite of deforestation. As drawings, wall coverings, and sound recordings, the forest comes to life in a second generation of thought, requiring the participation of the viewer to supply some of the details using their memory and imagination. This participation creates a personal connection to the endangered environment, a mental "inforestation."

The drawings in frames often associated with antique portraiture of departed loved ones suggest that the natural elements in these portraits have similarly been lost to us. As a sound and light component, Churchill transforms the space with atmospheric sounds taken from field recordings and twinkling lights. Certain sounds and lights cease momentarily when people approach the windows, thus emulating the reactions of the creatures that visitors hear but often don't see when visiting the woods.

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