two nights of noise!!!

friday march 31st

pop culture rape victim
(feedback ambience vs harsh walls of noise)

other peoples children
(core harsh noise with a halflife)

power circus
(riotous pile-up of vocals, samples and homemade/modified synthesizers)

(suffocating black ambience from seattle)

okha vs potter’s field
(harsh ritual noise drone)

pulse emitter
(spaced out ominous drones and noise)

(harsh noise, ambient drones, violent episodes)

(video/audio hybridization vs instrumental physicality)

syphilis sauna
(deconstructed glitch with dark ambient undertones and "trashtronica" beats)

the sunken
(2 man mind melting noise attack from kelso)

cryptic weevil
(ectomorphic dope phantom)

barracks of afganistan
(15 year old teeny bop noise cacophony)

saturday april 1st

d. romero/d. menche
(damion romero featuring daniel menche)

glen moore
(avant garde loud squawking sawing bass fiddle noise on a 300 year old musical instrument)

(harsh walls of sound and subtle drony work)

(from visceral subsonic hums to explosions of distorted feedback)

(a sinister & secluded noise artist)

(spastic harsh pedal abusing noise)

sleeping with the earth
(death industrial and powerful electronics)

(heavy ambient soundscapes)

withdrawl method
(ugly electronics and cassette manipulations)

(sonic compositions architected with vacuum tube and other largely obsolete technologies)

warning broken machine
(sound structures collapsing from their own weight)

sensual muscles
(sensual synths caress motors in motion)

reed college student union
3203 se woodstock blvd
portland or

$8.00 pass
cacophony begins @ 7pm both nights!

18 plus only (please bring i.d.)