...joshua churchill (t/r) played last and nearly levelled the place with a lovely audio earthquake/hurricane of a piece that integrated flashing lights outside the space to excellent effect. low rumbling sounds amidst droning and crackling tones and field recordings. looked a bit like jonestown by the end of his powerful set, folks laying around on the carpeted floor all over the church. the gent packs a wallop....

-Aug 30, 2009

...and T/R, perfect set for him. people talking in the downstairs toilet before the jet engines come after the rest of you stuck in the dark. glad all that pent up rage he had fr the last 2 shows exploded there. just incredible. now wipe that grin off your face and watch the news.

-Apr 26, 2009

Some folks must'a taken the J Church. home. M'erF'er steamrolled the western addition and punctured my earplugs. Best T/R show?
A perfect array of synth?(feedback?) tone surround at the end, plenty of field WTF recording ambiance. harmonica, some sort of mini wind instrument, everything but the stockhausenkitchen sink via xome pedal kollektion (tm)...  synethesiologist skullcrushed send-off.   kamera was dead! aiiyyee!

-Apr 25, 2009

goddam amazing yesterday the most distinct 'coming to kill you'
feeling from Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and t/R.

BSBC in the acoustically mined lodge with a booming stomping boot clapping gunpowder thru the ceiling, then the churchill t/r show at colony room (aka clud teuffel II)..that was lightning from the ceiling, next door, behind you.....boom booom boooooooooooom cackle!!!!! then pound knock pound "i work in the music industry and this isnt music!" the neighbor pounding on the back door and calling the cops.
ahhhhh perfect day!!

-Oct 12, 2008

Sunday.... Noise Pancakes.
T/R delivered a fantastic set which would've fit right in with the Activating the Medium crowd, and probably taught them a thing or two in the process. Started out with a bunch of field recordings and atmospheres that seemed very coherent, even though I couldn't really tell you what happened. I remember footsteps on leaves and pouring water. Most importantly, it flowed very well musically. This transitioned into a harsh noise section that didn't really captivate me too much. Didn't last too long and he was working in the middle ground between the styles of the beginning and middle sections. Concrete, atmospheres and brutality all at once. Great ending to a great set. I think everyone agreed.

-Jan 30, 2007

5/16 @ The Lab
Another great set from T/R. Another perfect soundtrack for the times after the robot wars. Nice low drones (mostly based on square and sine waves) started things out. Some harmonica slipped in there. Super noise crunch with synched light flashes from all over the room. The first blast was the best. Minimal use of the lighting might be most effective. Somewhere in there were some technical problems where there were almost no sounds but an occasional devastating crack. I could see the panic in his eyes, but I thought it sounded great. One of the highlights of the set!

-May 23, 2006

1310 warehouse
ECOMORTI VS. T/R - eagerly anticipated this last minute collab and it did not disappoint. swamp thang meets lighthouse creeper. rumor has it that this set will be released. can't wait. bernie krause through burn unit distortion and percussion concussions

-May 21, 2006

gotta say last 2 days has some of the best shows i've seen in what, ...a month or something?...T/R doing his usual build up...to having a commuter train in the back room with flashing headlights about to crash thru the wall?? scary crap! he said he got some lickable homeless guy to provide a smell for the room if you went in there. that room had a lot of personality.

-May 7, 2006

...the act before that was T/R. always the pro. has the relaxed Xome type fingers dipping here and there. zip punch turn crunch. Always precise with the moves. really going straight up fast. the hidden lights all over the place help out too. always a build up before the diarreah spray.

-Mar 13, 2006

deflead and deloused version of Anti Ear. what he doesnt have in fast ass scratching and crooked moustaches he makes up for in green light cool creep. he's opening for Solmania at 21 Grand. that T/R guy & Astromero will prob use the acoustics of 21 Grand better than any other living beings on the planet I'm guessing. bring your morlock meat for their cold feet.

-Feb 28, 2006

Bakery 2/26
T/R laid out some post-apocalyptic techno-action buzzes in 3-channel surround. Weird lights flashing in stray corners. Is the Bakery about to burn down? Worked up to a really nice complex buzz then cut it back to a thinner sound which he held onto for dramatic effect. Then one more quick blast of the good sound and every went dead. Nice work.

-Feb 28, 2006

It makes sense now that T/R's real job is designing skyrockets and rainbow blasts for fourth of july. He is the master of lights and booms. He was hitting the audience from all angles with his sound music mostly low end rumble and flat AM radio hiss.

-Feb 28, 2006

TRs set totally friggin druled blast night!

-Feb 27, 2006

Joshua Churchill started things out with a guitar run through delays pedals and other processing. He began by alternating between short sections of clean/pretty and noisy sounds. The heavily distorted stuff sounded good, especially with the extra bass kick provided by some sort of pitch shifter. Some rhythmic delay pedal action followed, then he worked into a mighty drone with an e-bow sitting on the neck of the guitar. Lots of great sounds in this section. He held onto the drone for a suitably long time, then ended.

-Jan 19, 2006

t/r destroyed their remains with his special blend space crunch, flickering lights and all.

 T/R has a little more brains than someone of his age should. he shot straight to pedal super knowledge in one year. sort of like a hidden creepy destruction power item in the park behind a dirt mound. a land mine with a few animals in cages he lets out thru the set until they are all a bloody pit of terror.

-Dec 19, 2005

T.R. was steady on the alpha waves. i was shutting me eyes in a morse code fashion reading 'koko gorilla send gift basket'. good waves i might add

-Nov 4, 2005

T/R turned off all the lights and played with a green light shining on his masked face (like Snake Eyes from GI Joe). The music reminded me of sci fi action soundtrack. Maybe that was just in my head from Quasar. He controlled a broad range of sounds: quiet and static to loud and active, etc. The set was put together in a way that made interesting musical sense.

-Oct 15, 2005

last night at the drum machine museum:
Technische R. had the most dynamic of sets. little tinkle sounds of his apple rattle toy. then everyone jumps out of their socks to his screaming launch of the end of the world. a few planets collide and the bubble projection behind him is shifting really slow to the martyr sound.

-Aug 21, 2005 

last night headache, lack of aspirin, and sleep deprivation made for an even more surreal show at the korean steak joint. all the regular customers were frightened out by the black clad clones and tattoos for something i thought would happen (as most things do) in this city.

TR-coming up fast, the little apple jingler was not harsh noise, but still a few people were putting tears on the black shirts they wore. boo hoo. tinkle tinkle went the little apple, ching ching. then blitz pitch shift moves as 10 cameras capture the casual actions. the owners realize this is an EVENT! and start taking pix of their own. it is a hoot.

-Aug 6, 2005